Childhood's End

The Toymaker Assassination Saga


11th Oct 2018, 8:13 PM
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Chippewa Ghost 11th Oct 2018, 8:13 PM edit delete
Chippewa Ghost
Yeah, about that "brief side project" thing... there's no way this doesn't clock in at 40-60 pages.
Microraptor 12th Oct 2018, 9:09 AM edit delete
Wildebees is a veteran of the Ostrich War.
It seems that she is nowadays not very fond of ostriches, due to an almost lethal encounter with one during that time of her life... (It left some scars.)

I love the ToyCo HQ building CG did here!
(But I would hate having to work in an office behind one of the windows entirely covered by the ToyCo logo.)

There is Wendell, but... I think we haven't yet been introduced to those two other very friendly looking fellows behind him...?

CG's original projection for this comic was 10 - 20 pages. So, yeah... :-D
(I don't mind obviously, considering how interesting and entertaining it is seeing him handling my characters!)