Childhood's End

Comic 5 - 05

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23rd Oct 2018, 9:00 PM
Previously released page... I think.

Some of this went up in the fan art thread.

Anyway, here's the star of the show, Bettina Timmy!
Ah, Bettina!
For the emergence of this crossover, she is of significance insofar that she was the first ToyCo-associated character who appeared in a proper page of Cryptida.
(Up until that point, we only ever saw her brother together with Autumn Bay/LIRverse characters.)


A little more and I'd say if she's wearing a Victoria's Secret or La Senza XD (nope, I'm not offended. Not because it's for male audience and I know that, but because it fits her role well. Too much SJW around XD)

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This sounds like a total cop-out, but I was trying for a new "camera angle"... I am not entirely pleased with the result, I need to work on it.

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