Childhood's End

The Toymaker Assassination Saga


17th Oct 2018, 7:23 PM
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Author Notes:

Chippewa Ghost 17th Oct 2018, 7:23 PM
Chippewa Ghost
Hey, look, it's Bettina who's leaking ToyCo secrets to Felicia! Who could have guessed?

Yeah, we've got some other stuff up our collective sleeves.

Also, PR people are the lowest of scum, unless they're pushing your agenda, then they're heroes.
Microraptor 17th Oct 2018, 8:34 PM
- Bettina, how could you!? :-O

- Regarding Felicia having seen corporate civil wars: Close and nasty indeed...

- Also, Felicia would probably have been far better suited for the job as content producer than those two bozos who didn't bother to edit out a part of the video that shows a painful looking accident!!


ProfEtheric 18th Oct 2018, 8:57 PM
I don't think Felicia is a YouTube editing kind of girl...

And no, she wouldn't have lost the taste for it. She just might be looking for more ways to stay safe / defend herself when things get ugly. Think "self-defense courses", possibly one-on-one with, say, Betty Weber. Just a thought (that I have had repeatedly).
Microraptor 19th Oct 2018, 12:51 PM
Yes, I have noticed before that Felicia so far only seemed to have the "flight" option when in a "fight or flight" situation - in fact, this very comic would quite probably not exist otherwise, considering that this lead to this...

But Felicia changing her, uh... strategy in the future? That sounds... interesting...
Chippewa Ghost 20th Oct 2018, 12:23 PM
Chippewa Ghost
-My most deranged “fan arts” have always been Felicia working at right wing/entertainment news... it’s one thing to compromise one’s body, it is another to compromise one’s soul.

-Prof, Betty Weber’s teachings would level the field against garden variety weirdos (including a certain deceased blonde) but against hired killers and ex-SOF those thrashings would merely increase their flow of saliva.

God damn this increasing murder rate of journalists makes me sick.
Chippewa Ghost 31st Oct 2018, 8:29 PM
Chippewa Ghost
ha ha days go by and no comment on the other character (distantly) in the scene
Microraptor 31st Oct 2018, 9:13 PM
Mind. Blown.

(I didn't know that we are also crossing over with Where is Waldo here...)
Chippewa Ghost 31st Oct 2018, 9:14 PM
Chippewa Ghost
He's very protective.
ProfEtheric 1st Nov 2018, 12:25 AM
In earlier civilized times, a man who had failed as completely as I have would be forced to throw himself on his sword.

Of course, given your occasional tendency to edit pages, I can't be sure he was there originally. I'll just assume he was and move on. :)
Microraptor 1st Nov 2018, 9:51 AM
The obvious question: Protective... of whom?
AmeliaP 31st Oct 2018, 4:45 PM
Oh hohoho I've just read Cryptida, an issue with an attack in ToyCo.
Microraptor 31st Oct 2018, 8:37 PM
CG even once called this an "alternate Cryptida Chapter 16" (said chapter you are talking about) somewhere.
One could also see this as a prequel to Chapter 16.
The events that are about to transpire here get alluded to on several occasions in Chapter 16 (as things that happened in the past), and also a little bit vice versa, via foreshadowing.
And of course there are the shared characters: Bettina, Lena, Wildebees...
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