Childhood's End

The Toymaker Assassination Saga


11th Nov 2018, 9:40 PM
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Author Notes:

lirvilas 11th Nov 2018, 9:40 PM
Three pages in three days? Guess you know my retirement plans.

Happy Veteran's Day.

(And yes, Wendell is a piece of crap.)
Microraptor 12th Nov 2018, 8:59 AM
- I recently gave Lirv a bit of info about the family's history that goes back to the founder of ToyCo - but I believe the Timmys "peddling shiny trinkets in the Old World" goes even far beyond that timeframe.
I wonder what country they are originally coming from... (For I didn't yet put much thought in their name's etymology.)

- Of course, Gus conveniently omits the little detail about who was stoking up Bettina's "obsession with conspiracy theories about Maerc" in the first place...

-Not showing what exactly Felicia is seeing there is wonderful fuel for the imagination. Are this just broken and discarded prototypes of some scary looking toys...?

- And last but not least, Wendell-dissing always has to be applauded!


anonymous coward 11th Nov 2018, 9:49 PM
Be fair, Wendell deserves a lot more than he gets for putting up with Chuck for so long. A significant fraction of that due is probably kicks in the head but it's still a lot.
lirvilas 11th Nov 2018, 9:51 PM
Wendell deserves a lot more than he gets for putting up Tona for so long.

Chuck never tried to convince other people that he was always in the right.
anonymous coward 12th Nov 2018, 9:48 AM
Huh, never really thought about the time he spent working for Tona. "Shit always rolls downhill," would definitely have been in play considering how much she got from her boss alone, to say nothing of all the other sources.
ProfEtheric 12th Nov 2018, 3:38 AM
Is it any wonder Wendell eventually turned on her? :P

And yeah, he eventually gets what's coming to him...

Now, as to those on the take, what did you expect, Tona, when you hire such a wretched hive of scum and villainy?

Man... the lines of influence in this thing could make one's head spin, if one weren't familiar with conspiracy storytelling.
Microraptor 12th Nov 2018, 11:59 AM
"And yeah, he eventually gets what's coming to him..."

Ah yes, Wendell's Eric-related and lead-heavy comeuppance...
lirvilas 12th Nov 2018, 6:50 PM
Patience, Microrator! A few more pages of this exposition and we’ll get into our first action setpiece!
ProfEtheric 12th Nov 2018, 8:59 PM
Augustus Alexander's favorite game is 23-dimensional chess...
Microraptor 13th Nov 2018, 7:45 AM
It's a dangerous game though, for even 23-dimensional chess tables probably can be flipped...
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